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2022 Global nutritional food market leading trend -- plant capsules

Author: Marie

Sep. 03, 2022

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Tags: Chemicals

Plant capsules are hollow capsules made of plant cellulose raw materials to meet the needs of all-natural positioning and capsule formulation solutions. Botanic capsules are a exquisite, preservative-free, all-natural dosage form that retains all the advantages of standard hollow capsules: easy to take, effective taste and odor masking, transparent and visible contents, and all natural, non-protein products that traditional gelatin capsules.

Plant-based concept and products to be popular in the markets around the world in recent years, the plant base concept become more and more popular in the market, consumers are willing to pay more the concept of environmental protection, green and sustainable, natural health products, especially those who follow the vegetarianism, and some of the religious people, at present, there have been several enterprises layout plant-based capsules in the market of the world, New Century uses the world's leading hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose capsule plant capsule technology made of vegetable glue without hormones, no fungicides, no preservatives; No allergens, no animal sources, no chemical additives, etc. The natural concept widely accepted by people so far, plant hollow capsule complied with people advocate natural consumption concept capsule has realized the global capsule of the innovation of technology, meet the demand of nutrition health food market high-end, better meet consumers of natural, safe and scientific nutrition pursuit, complied with people advocate natural consumption concept. Compared with gelatin capsule, It’s not long history about plant-based capsule, the technology industry is also in the process of continuous improvement, but good application performance and market advantages are destined to have a large market in the future. 


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